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History of St Martin's


The Bishop of London consecrates St Martin's

A 'tin' church was constructed on the present site of St Martin's Church in 1903 to serve the new and growing population developing in West London as a result of the Piccadilly Line extension that had been completed in the previous century. In 1905, construction began on a permanent building, which was completed in 1906. St Martin's Church was consecrated on St Martin's Day, 11th November 1906, by Rt. Rev. Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, Bishop of London 1902-1938.

Vestries were added to the building during the 1930s, and the church hall and church flat (St Martin's Cottage) were built during the 1960s.

Amongst distinguished members of the clergy, we remember in particular the Rev. ‘Harry’ Clement Williams who retired in 1938 and died in 1992 aged 107, at the time the oldest living Anglican clergyman in the world! 

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