Who's Who

Meet the team at St Martin's

Julia Palmer


Julia has been with St Martin’s since September 2019. She was ordained priest in the Church of England in 2000 and has worked in various roles over the years. She really enjoys being a parish priest and particularly loves ‘journeying’ with others as we all learn together about the presence of God in our lives. She also works part time as a counsellor and has a passion for social justice, singing and dog walking with her  Labrador called Bella

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Bryony Dean Franklin

Assistant Priest


Bryony has attended St Martin's since 2006. She was ordained in September 2020 and is now our Assistant Curate. She is based at St Martin's on Fridays and Sundays, working the rest of the week for the NHS and as a member of academic staff at a London university. She believes that, like most Christians, she is called to bring the love of God into the workplace, as well as supporting others to do likewise. 

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Dr Margaret Jones

Licensed Lay Minister

Margaret plays a big part in our charity work here at St Martin's, she regularly leads drives for the local women's refuge and ensures that as a Church we're charity focused. 

0208 997 1418

Lynne Armstrong

Lay Reader Emeritus

Lynne is currently the PCC Secretary. She has been coming to St Martin's for many years, and counts herself lucky to have been able to serve the church as a reader. She values its friendly, welcoming atmosphere together with the strong Christian message it gives to the community it serves.

Yuki Johnson

Licensed Lay Minister


Yuki is here to serve the community as a representative of a minority group (Japanese), a mature person with experiences from many various past tasks, and a follower of Jesus.

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Ben Mason


This is Ben’s second year serving as Churchwarden, he has been a PCC member since 2013. Ben originally joined ‘the Banned’ to play music at church services, but with a career in film-making and motion design he also contributed to various AV and design projects at St Martins. Ben has grown very attached to the community at St Martin’s over the years and hopes to be of continued service in the future

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07973 38 501

PJ Grayson

Youth & Children's Apprentice/Communications


PJ is the apprentice youth & children's worker through the Diocese of London scheme, he has been attending St Martin's since around 2018 and works on communications and photography at the church too. He is enthusiastic about developing inclusive ministry and is pictured above at our Easter Egg hunt!

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Jennifer Dudley

Safeguarding Officer


Jennifer has been the Parish Safeguarding Officer since 2019. She is also the Brownie and Guide Leader for the 4th Acton Brownies and Guides, which have been at St Martin’s since 2017. Jennifer is passionate about people feeling safe and youthwork.

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07710 774620 

Ken Chan