Pancake Party on Shrove Tuesday                      
  Learn how to toss a pancake!
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                                     YOUTUBE Tobogganing                 
               The vicar limbers up for the Christmas season on Hanger Hill, West London                                           

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        Somewhere over the rainbox - Gina Kruger vocals and Fred Karlsson piano - an encore in celebration
           of St Cecilia patron saint of music.

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                                                        Christingle Service at St Martin's 4th December 2016
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Japanese drummers in St Martin's - charity concert for tsunami relief
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Twyford Church of England High School
Annual carol Service in St Martin's Church - Tuesday 13th December 2016

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Japanese Anglican Church (U.K.) Road of Hope Charity Red Cross and Kyushu Diocese Concert for the victims of the Kumamoto and Kyushu earthquakes. Sunday 26th June 2016
Tsubasa Children's Choir-Four Seasons in One Day with Kenji Okumura-lyrics and solo Jason Kouchak

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St Martin's Music Group 'The Banned' perform at the Rogation Sunday All-Age Service Sunday 21st May 2017
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The Rev'd Dr. Nicholas Henderson, vicar of St Martin's  

speaks of his work at the Muslim College for London, which is in the parish
and at which he lectures on Christianity.

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